Creating Hot Stamping artwork

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Example of Hot Stamping effect

Step 1: Create 3 Artboards as shown

STEP 2: Save the file as pdf with our preset.


  • minimum 7mm away from the final cut size
  • Hot-stamp tolerance is +/- 1mm
  • Area/Image to be hot stamped must be within the Safe Zone.
  • Font size cannot less than 7.0 pt.
    • Note: When using minimum pts, do not bold font as they will appear coarse and over bleed.
  • For Reverse Effect where hot stamped area excludes font, avoid using Serif fonts. Use bold San Serif font (minimum 10 pt with Line Thickness: 1 pt)
  • Line thickness cannot less than 0.5 pt.
  • Dot thickness cannot less than 1.5 pts.
  • Gap between Normal hot-stamping for Line and Dot cannot less than 1.0 pt.
  • Fill area/image to be hot stamped with either, Image to be hot stamped must be in Vector format, solid colour and without any tint or gradient fill.
  • Ensure registration of image to be hot stamped is accurately aligned.